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At Elite Impact Systems, we install hurricane impact doors and impact windows in the Pembroke Pines and Homestead, FL communities. Because these two communities are so close to the Atlantic Ocean, they are considered very high risk for dangerous hurricanes. Despite the risk, many families have made their homes in Southern Florida.


In order to protect homes from hazardous winds and waters, our team is dedicated to installing high-quality impact windows and doors. Our products are designed to withstand the impact of storms. Luckily, the professionals at Elite Impact Systems are available to make sure your home or property has the protection it needs. When you rely on our professionals, you can rest assured that you are getting high-quality products and excellent craftsmanship from our installation service. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request an installation!


We can install:

  • Single-Hung Windows: These impact windows allow the bottom half of the window to slide up and provide indoor ventilation when you want it.

  • Horizontal Roller: Horizontal windows slide left and right when you want them to open.

  • Casement: Casement hurricane windows hinge open like a door.

  • Fixed Window: Fixed windows are one of the most secure and energy efficient options. These windows do not open, but they still let light inside and give access to beautiful views.

  • Storefront: Storefront windows allow potential clients to peek inside your building, the windows add natural light to a building, and they can make rooms feel larger.

  • French Doors: French doors are a stunning option that allow light to be let inside a home through glass panes.

  • Sliding Glass Doors: Sliding glass doors are similar to horizontal roller windows. Sliding glass doors slide left and right when you want them to open.

Does Your Property Need Hurricane Windows? Give Us a Call!

Here in Florida, we are familiar with the difficulties that hurricane season brings. It's important to keep your home safe, though hurricane shutters can be difficult to set up and put away quickly. Hurricane impact windows and doors make a huge difference when it comes to protecting your home during tough weather. They can benefit your property in many different ways: 

  • One-Time Installation: Once your hurricane impact windows and doors are installed, you never need to worry about them again. This makes hurricane preparation incredibly easy, especially when you compare them to bulky shutters that need to be removed after every storm. 

  • Energy Efficient: Hurricane windows help cut down on your home's energy use, which can have major cost savings in a Florida summer! 

  • Noise Reduction: If you are frequently dealing with road noise and other sounds outside your home, consider high-quality hurricane windows. You'll enjoy muffled sound and more peace in your home!

  • Security: Because impact windows and doors are so strong, they offer the highest available protection to your home and possessions all year round. Due to the layers of glass that go into this type of barrier, they are much more difficult to break. This can help act as a deterrent to potential intruders. 

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: Impact windows and doors don't look any different from their normal counterparts, helping to preserve your house's curb appeal and appearance with minimal effort. 

Reach out to our team today to learn more about the hurricane impact windows and doors that we offer!

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